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Quality concerns
Aug 31, 2021


Users are informed that we received quality concerns from our market advertisers.We got a huge reversal in this month from revenue universe and some other offerwalls.Some users did not follow our survey policy and conditions.They did not give appropriate answers of open end questions.That caused about 50% users got reversal.That means less earning with less survey opportunities in future.
Regarding this we have taken some necessary steps to prevent this fraud action.
1.If anybody got more than 10%reversal in a month his/her account will be suspend permanently.
2.Users can attempt only one survey from 29,61,94 in a day.
3.If any user does not follow our survey rules and terms we would have to suspend his/her account permanently without any warning...

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New Offerwall added
Aug 4, 2021

All users are informed that we've added some New Offerwalls Peanutlabs, SaySoRewards, Precision Sample, Enligne Survey, TimeWall.You can them from your Dashboards.Hope it will increase your earnings.These offers are least but not last.We will get back to you soon with new offers.

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About Us
May 22, 2021

SurveyGPT is a free online platform where you can earn money easily.
We are building an online marketplace for users to find and discover opportunities offered by digital products and services.
We offer you 20+ offerwalls and many exciting offers. we add new offers and offerwalls frequently and much more. There is also a monthly contest that offers you get the opportunity to win a splendid prize. If you refer  SurveyGPT to your friend you will get a high referral commission 25% up to 3 levels for lifetime.Earned points or credits can be redeemed via Bank Transfer or UPI or Paypal
Our team works very hard every day to help our worldwide users to find various opportunities offered by digital products and services.

Thank You
SurveyGPT Team